Organizations may also utilize a streamlined selection process that is based on a single round of on-site interviews.

Basic Settings
Total Annual Resumes & Applications:
Annual Hires:
Average Time to Fill:
Typical Annual Administrative Support Salary + Benefits:
Typical Annual HR/Recruiter Salary + Benefits:
Typical Annual Professional Level Salary + Benefits:
Typical Hiring Manager Salary + Benefits:

Typical activities to fill each opening: Number Hours Hours Hours Hours
HR Recruiter Hiring Dept.
Professional Level
Usual # applications/resumes received:
Requisition Generation & approval:
Sourcing activities:
Resume/application review by HR:
"Short List" review by Hiring Manager:
Scheduling phone interviews:
Conducting phone interviews + documenting:
Review findings (HR + Hiring Dept.)
Schedule first on-site interviews:
Conduct on-site interviews (+ dept. tour):
Review findings (HR + Hiring Dept.)
Schedule assessments:
Conduct proctored on-site assessments:
Review findings (HR + Hiring Dept.)
Conduct background checks:
Schedule final round of interviews:
Conduct final interviews:
Conduct reference checks:
Schedule drug screens:
Discuss conclusions/reach concensus:
Formulate and extend offer:
Repeat process if offer declined...
Total Hours:
Total Labor Cost:
Grand Total Hours To Fill One Position:
Grand Total Labor Cost To Fill One Position:
Cost per Resume/Application Received:
Total Process Delays ("White Space") in Days: