Actionable analytics to improve organizational effectiveness.

Applicant Tracking, Reporting and Analytics

Connecting data to the bottom line

Resume-centric HR management systems that provide dozens or even hundreds of report variations are of little use for process improvement and business intelligence and performance if they can't determine quality issues - process, labor market, and the flow of applicants.  These applicant tracking and HR systems focus on sourcing volume effectiveness, but are limited at best in their ability to analyze the other half of the process - evaluation and selection.  You are left with a continuation of a manual process so labor intensive that documentation and data surrounding process or applicant quality is pushed aside.

HRMC Acclaim stands alone in the talent acquisition industry partly because of its unique ability to automatically determine the quality of your labor pools and the quality of the applicants attracted by your sourcing efforts based on job-specific interview information rather than resumes designed as marketing documents.

Acclaim's artificial intelligence-driven processes and job-specific questioning means all answers to every interview become data points capturing time, quantity, and quality data enabling deep dives in analytics that result in insights that are meaningful and actionable for business process improvement and performance on a continuous cycle. Need to go deeper than Acclaim's applicant tracking dashboard and configurable reports?  Acclaim includes data export capabilities to applications including Microsoft Excel, Word and Adobe PDF.

HRMC Acclaim also takes business intelligence beyond the hiring and HR management process. Reporting and analytic capabilities integrate with Acclaim's robust employee survey and exit interview module to analyze lifecycle data central to improving retention rates and advancing your human capital management strategy.