Resumes tell you what the applicant wants you to think; Acclaim interviews tell you what you really need to know.

Recruitment Process Automation

Automated WorkflowsAutomated Recruitment Workflows 

Qualifying candidates is a labor-intensive process...and there are applicant tracking tools and automated HR recruitment software that claim to allow you to offload some of the labor, but can they really?

HRMC Acclaim is the human capital management industries most powerful and precise decisioning tool developed by and for Human Resources professionals and IO psychologists to automate the initial phases of the otherwise labor-intensive talent evaluation process.

Candidates are pre-interviewed based on what is important for top performance in your opening, in your company, in your culture. The resulting information--as well as the resume, if available--is then automatically analyzed and aggregated into individual talent profiles.

Acclaim then searches, sorts, and bands candidates into tiers and rank orders them to identify those who are most qualified. Instead of reading piles of resumes, you can immediately start at the top of the list based on interview results, not questionable and off-target resumes. The process can trigger real-time integration with appropriate proprietary or third-party assessments and simulations--whether it's a personality assessment for a sales position, a phone simulation for a customer service opening, or a machining operation based on job-specific blueprints.

HRMC Acclaim also streamlines documentation requirements of the talent acquisition process by electronically securing everything from interview responses to consent forms for background checks to certification of references.
HRMC Acclaim takes the "work" out of the talent management, evaluation and selection process and delivers...

  • An efficient solution for high-volume hiring
  • A rank ordering of applicants so your focus is immediately on the most qualified
  • Accurate, timely, and flexible reporting capabilities
  • Advanced business logic that moves the right candidate to the right job and assessment
  • Applicant data security and privacy
  • 365/24/7 application/interview availability

Qualifying top talent shouldn't be a labor-intensive process. HRMC Acclaim saves you time and resources and streamlines your human capital management strategy, while enabling you to thoroughly and precisely qualify an expanding applicant pool...separating the very best from the rest.