Selection science coupled with artificially intelligent process automation.

Integrated Assessments and Simulations

Want to get even more precise?

Your organization isn't one dimensional, so why hire candidates that are? To identify top talent with all the right stuff, you need a talent acquisition solution that automatically assimilates an applicant's experience, skill set, and culture fit-providing you with a solid indicator of potential business performance and success within the job, your organization, and your culture.

HRMC Acclaim goes where other talent acquisition solutions don't with integrated assessments that deliver a multi-dimensional 360-degree whole person snapshot. Scientifically developed assessments are integrated into the single-session process--not bolted on as an afterthought to an applicant tracking system or recruitment software--and engage candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and apply their skills in real-time using IVR (phone) and Web-enabled technology that can administer job simulations or digitally capture spoken responses to open-ended questions. Having knowledge of a skill or competency is good, but being able to demonstrate that ability is better and more reliable.

HRMC Acclaim is flexible and scalable and can easily integrate and support custom client-designed or third party assessments--from personality to behavioral, and cognitive to culture fit. The decisioning ability of Acclaim assures that only the most suitable candidates are administered the assessment, minimizing the cost of including assessments in your talent acquisition process.

Our automated custom workflows use complex branching to seamlessly move candidates through the process or redirect them on an interview and assessment path for a job more suited to their skills and competencies. Each applicant receives a unique interview experience customized "on the fly" to best suit his/her individual skill set, interests, behaviors, and background. Improve your approach to human capital management and achieve these benefits with integrated assessments from HRMC Acclaim:

  • Define and streamline the multiple hurdle approach to ensure compliance for HR management
  • Improve the candidate experience by including assessments and simulations in a single-session candidate engagement within the talent acquisition process
  • Enhance the consistence of picking top performers without immersing your staff in repetitive work or negatively impacting business performance