Monitoring the lifecycle for clues to retention and selection improvement.

Employee Surveys and Exit Interviews

Capturing Corporate Intelligence
 Implementing surveys throughout the employee lifecycle is a vital tool in employee retention and overall human capital management. HRMC Acclaim makes it easy to create and administer employee surveys, instantly analyzing responses and synthesizing data that can provide key information, alerting HR and management to developing workplace trends - before they become enterprise-wide, business performance problems - and suggested courses of action. Employees appreciate being able to respond to employee surveys via telephone or web browser at their convenience, day or night, which significantly increases participation levels.  This employee survey capability can also be used to conduct training needs assessments, helping to ensure that training dollars and effort are directed the most needed subject areas assuring the greatest ROI.
Exit Interviews
Exit interviews are typically held face-to-face, which can be uncomfortable. They are often poorly attended and inconsistently administered. Viewed as just another formality of human capital management, exit interviews are often disorganized, lacking in consistency and sense of purpose.  Many are nothing more than an exercise to document that the departing employee is leaving through no fault attributable to the company. Many thus conclude that they're just not worth doing.

The exit interview is an often dreaded activity; but data collected during a good exit interview is relevant to all phases of the employee talent management lifecycle, including sourcing, recruiting, selection, policies and procedures, employee satisfaction, and retention.  As with survey data, exit interview data can be easily analyzed against how the employee answered the initial Acclaim interview since all responses to the interview and the surveys/exit interview are all contained in the same database, helping to further refine criteria used for selecting the right employees in the first place.  When you hire right, everything else downstream gets better - customer focus, innovation, productivity, tenure, business performance, and so on.

Better for Everyone
Anonymous, automated exit interviews provide associates the opportunity to honestly voice their opinions in confidence, which encourages more honest, candid feedback and a positive final impression of your company.  With the prevalence of social media, a disgruntled departing employee can very easily damage a company's brand impacting not only sales, but recruiting success as well. Transforming the exit interview into a remote survey, accessible from anywhere by phone or web, 24 x 7, helps to overcome geographic or logistical issues of multiple-location organizations. Optional Gift Cards and other participation incentives can dramatically increase participation and turnaround.  The Acclaim system instantly activates these cards only when employee surveys and exit interviews are completed.

Computer-adaptive technology enables the survey to "drill down" when strong emotions arise, creating a single-pass implementation of what is normally at least a two-step process and streamlining the duration of the engagement. Interview results and statistics are immediately compiled, available via the Acclaim online interface at any time.