The web is not perfect for everything.

Phone Interviews

The phone--old technology that's new again

There are circumstances where basing your talent acquisition sourcing strategy and applicant evaluation process on the web will create barriers to reaching the prospects you'd most like to hire.  Developing a relationship with a millennial begins with a smart phone; some prospects are still not comfortable using computers and the internet (and their jobs don't require those skills either); in many international countries, access to cellphones and SMS is almost universal while internet access via copper land lines or fiber is almost nonexistent.  Even in developed countries some types of jobs lend themselves to phone interviews more than text-based internet - for example with sales (especially "road warriors"), where prospects "earn their living with their mouths"; given the choice we still find that 74% will still begin the HR recruitment and application process on the phone rather than the internet.

How much personal time do you spend doing phone interviews (which take time away from family and personal interests), and how well do you document those conversations?  I thought so.  And with the intelligence and branching capability of Acclaim, the traditional phone interview can be incorporated within the single-session application process.  Spoken replies are recorded in digital audio and can be played back through your computer speakers instantly for those applicants otherwise automatically deemed top prospects by Acclaim.
Entire talent management application and interview processes can be completed on the phone; and the results still automatically evaluated so you don't have to listen to every one.

The phone and the web can be synchronized together by Acclaim to integrate spoken open-ended questions (such as behavioral interview questions) within an otherwise text-based interaction of your human capital management processes.

"Digital Voice Auditions" is an interactive-voice response (IVR) tool designed to enable companies and HR management to evaluate the speaking ability of applicants, especially for customer facing roles. Users can evaluate the correctness of the response, but also can make those intuitive judgments about applicants' verbal communications skills.  Need proficiency in second languages?  Acclaim can begin in one language, then continue an interview with text, questions, and responses all in the second language(s).  You can evaluate their capability without their in-person presence, and whenever convenient to you on your schedule.

Modern telephony solutions make providing phone interviews worldwide extremely affordable, and in any international language.