The end of phone tag...and it's about time.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Never lose another sought-after candidate to a game of phone tag!
With HRMC Acclaim, candidates are not only whisked though your entire talent acquisition process - from multi-media welcome messages and realistic job previews through interview to assessment - the most qualified can be auto-scheduled for an in-person, on-site interview.

HRMC Acclaim's talent management solution enables hiring managers and recruiters to set up automated interview schedules to suit their own availability so that the system can arrange a mutually convenient date/time for you to meet in person, in the same single-session engagement or following your review intervention. Enhanced system configuration options in HRMC Acclaim enable convenient functions, such as rescheduling based on management or candidate availability changes…

  • Streamlines the process for high-volume hiring in industries such as financial services, retail, and hospitality
  • Allows for expedited HR Management and coordination between recruiters, managers, and candidates
  • Provides candidates with an option to automatically select their preferred date and time from available interview slots, and provides instructions and driving directions
  • Acclaim automatically sends e-mail confirmations to employer representatives and reminders to candidates.

HRMC Acclaim's automated interview scheduling feature eliminates the time-consuming phone tag that typically bogs down the process of scheduling interviews, improving business performance by reducing time-to-hire.