HRMC Acclaim: Your Talent Outreach and Engagement Solution

Automated Talent Acquisition & Management

Talent Acquisition DashboardFinding and engaging talent is an ongoing business imperative.

When the economy turns, hiring managers who've maintained talent management and outreach initiatives will be the ones best positioned to put pre-qualified resources in place with minimal lag-time…translating into a decided competitive advantage, enhanced business performance, and streamlined HR management.

For hiring managers looking for a cost-effective, efficient, and accurate means of sustaining talent management and outreach in order to improve business performance, HRMC Acclaim is the industry's premier candidate screening and assessment solution.

Automated Recruiting Workflows
Today, there's an almost unprecedented pool of available talent. The challenge for recruitment software goes beyond applicant tracking, it is in handling the volume of candidates while maintaining an efficient, best practices approach--one where candidates are evaluated thoroughly and accurately. Acclaim's automated talent screening and assessment workflows compress the labor intensive phases of the recruitment and talent management lifecycle--providing tailored video job previews, adaptive questioning for naturalistic interviews, simulations, integrated assessments, and application forms into a single candidate engagement. The talent acquisition system enables your recruiters to more precisely match candidates based on their specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality characteristics. Acclaim offers unmatched scalability, allowing you to perform objective, in-depth analyses regardless of candidate volume.

Identify Key Talent to Assure Success
Finding people who can perform specific job-related skills is a challenge unto itself. Finding people who have what it takes to succeed in your particular culture raises the bar. Integrated assessments and simulations built into Acclaim's talent management platform allow candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and apply their skills in real-time. Integrated behavioral-based questions give you a fuller view of the candidate, improving your ability to predict future success within the organization. Acclaim's flexibility enables you to integrate and tailor modules from other vendors--from applicant tracking, to background checks, to third-party assessments, to instant credit checks. Moreover, the talent management system rank orders candidates based on profiles created by candidate responses to questions and challenges specific to the job in addition to the resume content. Acclaim can then auto-schedule the most qualified applicants for the next step in the process.

Keep Talent Warm and Engaged
Candidate relationship management is about attracting, identifying, and engaging top talent from the initial point of contact and over the ensuing weeks and months until a relevant position becomes available. Acclaim enables you to schedule mass e-mails based on search results, a range of time and/or event-based events where good candidates are identified but no current opening exists. Timed Release Correspondence-integrated within Acclaim's recruitment software-can maintain candidate interest through ongoing communications to specific talent pools with minimal effort by HR management or hiring managers.