Do you need help with your company’s talent acquisition strategy?


"How can I use a talent acquisition strategy to create a significant advantage in hiring top talent?"



Some companies don't think that designing and building a talent acquisition strategy can offer any advantages. These same companies don't see the value in branding their talent acquisition process and using an integrated talent management technology platform.



Many companies struggle with how to take their talent acquisition strategy from a process of spreadsheets and paperwork to a level where it supports business outcomes through a cohesive technology platform that enables the automation of their strategic process.

HRMC's Acclaim recruiting platform addresses the need for a talent acquisition strategy that's based on your company's mission and vision and uses your own recruiting and hiring processes to configure the system. And part of that talent acquisition strategy is a great candidate experience that inspires top talent to apply to your job postings in a bid to join your company.

HRMC bridges the gap between attracting candidates and engaging top talent at the first point of contact. Using embedded videos, virtual department tours, and realistic job previews that distinguish your company, HRMC Acclaim lets you present a professional and branded front to attract top talent and encourage them to apply to your company. By offering an excellent candidate experience, you'll inspire the candidates you want to join your organization.

And once top talent is enticed to apply, the HRMC Acclaim talent acquisition strategy platform uses cutting-edge technology to move candidates through the recruiting process that's been designed specifically to align with your company's goals and strategic process. From first impression to final interview, HRMC Acclaim interviews, evaluates, and porocesses thousands of applicants just minutes. This means you have more time to tackle strategic HR initiatives, while still quickly filling multiple positions with the most qualified candidates.

Let HRMC Acclaim automate your talent acquisition strategy with world-class functionality that you won't find in any other system available. Contact HRMC today to learn more.