"Automation done well is an attractor, not a detractor"

Streamlining Talent Evaluation & Selection


"Talent evaluation and selection is a complex, labor intensive process."



The more thorough the talent evaluation process is, the more steps or hurdles are involved.  Each step, even if web or phone enabled, in the process requires staff involvement, and a decision to proceed or stop after each step.  Creating an engaging candidate experience adds to the complexity and still more starts, stops, and restarts to the candidate process



By incorporating Artificial Intelligence to make the preliminary decisions normally made by staff personnel, Acclaim can administer all the steps in your talent evaluation process, change the flow of interview questioning, administer multimedia welcome messages, virtual facility or department tours, realistic job previews, simulations, assessments, and provide applicant feedback - all automatically with no staff intervention (unless you want it) all in a single, non-stop candidate session that stops whenever/wherever appropriate for each prospect, with appropriate feedback to the applicant depending on how well they're doing.