The leading choice for today’s staffing solutions needs.


"Big, small, and medium companies all need staffing solutions that help manage the hiring process and save time and costs along the way."



With the proliferation of software claiming to automate and help you manage the recruiting process, how do you know where to turn for the most effective staffing solutions available?



For corporate recruiters and HR departments, dealing with a flood of applications can get overwhelming for professionals trying to stay ahead of the game. When you're under pressure to find the best candidate in the shortest amount of time, make sure you have the right tools at your disposal.

The HRMC Acclaim recruiting software is the leading choice for today's staffing solutions needs. HRMC Acclaim takes the burden of managing multiple job postings and sorting through the pile of resumes and applications by automating the entire hiring process. Our web-based talent acquisition platform doesn't force you to change the way you process applicants. It replicates your process with a staffing solution configured specifically for your needs while automating everything from the first impression through to the final interview.

The HRMC Acclaim staffing solution ensures selection accuracy and improves speed, consistency, and branding-all the while reducing costs, time, and risk. This means your HR staff can focus on more strategic initiatives while still filling open positions in days instead of weeks or months.

Figuring out where to start looking for software as staffing solutions can be daunting. That's where HRMC excels. We're transparent; we take on our client's mission and vision, and put their needs before our own. You get the perfectly configured software platform that provides the staffing solutions you need, targeted specifically to your recruiting process and providing a seamless integration with your company's website and branding.

Let HRMC Acclaim automate your arduous applicant processing tasks with world-class functionality that you won't find in any other staffing solutions system available. Contact HRMC today to learn more.