"She looked so good on paper." "He sounded so good on the phone." - "Know is good, show is better"

Reducing Hiring Mistakes


"We hire highly skilled candidates with great qualifications, but they tend not to live up to expectations or thrive in our company."



An insufficient talent pipeline and/or a hiring process that is unstructured and doesn't consistently and thoroughly assess for the multiple variables-other than job title and experience-that predict job performance, culture fit, and retention.



An integrated process that combine technical, behavioral, and culture fit assessments to provide a solid indicator of potential success within your organization matched against objectively determined indicators of top performance. This valid, reliable, and repeatable process rank-orders candidates from most to least suited to identify those who will succeed in the job and flourish in your culture. Automated reports, whether for a specific position or across a department, aggregate candidate results and let you tweak the evaluation process as needed.