"Identify the right software platform designed to offer you world-class recruiting solutions."


"How can I find recruiting solutions to help me identify and hire talent quickly?"



With a variety of solutions available to small, medium, and large companies today, there is a propensity to take on a one-size-fits-all approach to recruiting solutions. This negates the individual processes each company develops to ensure their recruiting solutions meet their needs.



HRMC created a technologically advanced recruiting solution platform to address this gap in the marketplace. HRMC Acclaim is configured for your company's specific process and designed to be customizable with your branding. HRMC Acclaim provides world class recruiting solutions that are intuitive to use at every step in the recruiting process.

Featuring productivity tools such as automated interview scheduling, candidates are moved quickly through the entire talent acquisition process without any intervention necessary from your staff. Beginning with multi-media welcome messages and realistic job previews, HRMC Acclaim also provides first interviews and assessments. Part of the recruiting solution is providing seamless integration with third-party suppliers of job boards, background and drug tests, behavioral assessments, and more.

This comprehensive functionality results in the most qualified candidate(s) being auto-scheduled for an in-person, on-site interview final interview. When it's time to select the right candidate, integration of profile data helps you make critical decisions based on core data relating to key job requirements and candidate qualifications that have been gathered. This means you get a small pool of the best candidates to choose from, improving your hiring results and reducing the time-to-hire significantly.

HRMC Acclaim also takes the data and analytics one step further, providing an employee survey and exit interview module to help you analyze and improve retention rates and enhance your recruiting solutions.

Let HRMC Acclaim automate your arduous applicant processing tasks with world-class functionality that you won't find in any other recruiting solutions available. Contact HRMC today to learn more.