I need help finding and recruiting top candidates


"With the ever-changing job market, how do I find and hire today's top talent?"



The labor market has undergone some drastic changes in recent years. From unemployment swings between 3 percent and 10 percent, and the percentage of Americans with jobs plunging, there have been big swings in the job market across all sectors. With more people in the job market than ever before, it's a daily challenge to identify and hire top talent, particularly if you're hoping to compete for top talent.



HRMC Acclaim is a technologically advanced recruiting software solution that makes the hiring process easier and more effective. HRMC Acclaim offers exceptional functionality that other recruiting software can't because it's specifically configured and tailored to your company's needs. Here are a few of the many benefits you'll receive by implementing HRMC Acclaim recruiting software solution:

  • Process high-volume applicants. You can interview, evaluate, and process thousands of applicants in just minutes with zero staff intervention required. No other system on the market has this extensive functionality, meaning you can fill multiple positions with the best candidates available.
  • Professional branding. You can create job ads, applications, and all communications that integrate with your company's website and career site for one seamless branding design. Acclaim recruiting software provides you with the design tools to ensure every aspect of your hiring process is professionally branded with your logo, font, company colors, and much more. A well-branded ad, application, and other recruiting materials will be more tempting to professional candidates.
  • 24/7 access. You can interact with your applicants and candidates anytime and anywhere thanks to a fully automated solution that covers everything from screening processes to initial interviews and more. This helps you attract and communicate with international candidates and those in differing time zones.
  • Reduced time to hire. Acclaim's recruiting software solution is built on years of extensive research and HR knowledge. The end result is a forward-thinking recruitment system that reduces your time to hire by automating the entire process from first impression to final interview. No more repetitive, manual tasks and it eliminates the dreaded, time-consuming phone tag or lost resume.

Let HRMC Acclaim automate your arduous applicant processing tasks with world-class functionality that you won't find in any other recruiting software available. Contact HRMC today to learn more.