How HRMC Acclaim can help you define and streamline your onboarding process.


"Can you help me simplify our onboarding process?"



Some companies spend a large portion of their HR resources in onboarding new employees. Between paperwork that needs processed and training efforts, some HR personnel don't have time to handle all of the demands placed on them.



Simplify your onboarding process with HRMC's Acclaim talent acquisition platform. You can save time before ever hiring anyone with the multi-functional Acclaim software solution that gives you a host of automated process steps configured around your company's specific workflows to help you move candidates through your process.

HRMC Acclaim offers automated interview solutions without actually having to be present for the interviews. You, or in conjunction with HRMC experts, simply establish a series of questions and enter them into the HRMC Acclaim platform. Applicants then record their responses, and the HRMC Acclaim recruiting software analyzes and rank orders the candidates. This gives you the benefits of a face-to-face interview, but you don't have to set aside the time to conduct it yourself.

Another way to simplify the onboarding process is through paperless paperwork. HRMC Acclaim automates various steps that used to require significant paperwork, like the job offer letter and background check authorization. If you're still handing your candidates stacks of printed packets, then you're most likely spending more time on paperwork than you should.

At the end of the day, your onboarding process should take merely a fraction of your time. Using HRMC Acclaim talent acquisition program, you can cut down and streamline your process, leaving you with more open time to accomplishing productive tasks and creating a more efficient HR department.

Let HRMC Acclaim automate your onboarding process with world-class functionality that you won't find in any other applicant tracking system available. Contact HRMC today to learn more.