HRMC Acclaim talent acquisition platform aids in your HR planning efforts


"I'm completely overwhelmed and need help planning my HR recruiting strategy!"



It's difficult to form an HR recruiting strategy when you're staring at mounds of paper and thumbing through piles of paperwork or an outdated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) searching for that one candidate who might be the perfect fit for your company.



HRMC's Acclaim talent acquisition platform offers you the chance to be less reactive in your HR planning efforts and much more proactive - and much more strategic. You're able to work smarter, not harder! You'll get much more done, which leaves time for developing an HR recruiting strategy using your talent acquisition platform to process all of the tasks required in your HR planning.

For instance, the HRMC Acclaim HR planning platform offers reporting capabilities on the cost of hire, time to hire, candidate status, quality of labor pool, and more. This helps the HR planning process and gives your HR team credibility. You can quickly respond to requests for information by instantly running a report.

You can also use HRMC Acclaim to assist your flexible work environments and the globalization of the workforce. Offering anywhere, anytime access to the HRMC Acclaim platform, your hiring managers don't need to be in the office, or even in the same country, to make a hiring decision.

The best way HRMC Acclaim software helps with your HR planning is by taking your entire process - from job posting to onboarding - and automating each step for a consistent and timely recruiting process. This means that beginning with first impression of candidates and through to the final interview, Acclaim processes each and every candidate for you, with zero staff intervention required. Correspondence templates already entered into the system allow you to send out consistent messaging to candidates that supports your brand and your company culture. And when an offer is sent out, HRMC Acclaim lets you quickly follow up on acceptance with background check materials and first-day forms.

HRMC Acclaim is the best HR planning tool you'll have for forming your recruiting strategy. Contact HRMC today to learn more.