“I need to hire a lot of people quickly. Help!"

High Volume Hiring


"I need to hire a large number of people quickly and accurately, but do not have the staff and other resources to accomplish this challenge."



Many circumstances can lead to a challenge like this; many of them unavoidable. A sudden need for increased staffing activity leaves no time to procure and train new administrative staff to handle the increased candidate flow. Company expansions, new product orders, opening additional locations, and corporate relocations are just some of the reasons.



This really isn't a problem, but a great opportunity for you to distinguish yourself. HRMC Acclaim is very flexible and scalable. Clients have used the system to interview, evaluate, and process as many as 3,200 applicants in just 15 minutes. In addition to our automation, our staff has considerable knowledge gained from performing all the HR functions for over 60 corporate expansions, new facility startups, and relocations. Volume sensitive flexible pricing options make high volume hiring affordable, and then contract when things return to a normal pace.