"We need to help remote locations hire objectively, and legally without being there in person"

Centralized Remote Hiring


"We have multiple offices and just about as many different processes for hiring, which makes it difficult not only to control the quality of hires across the organization but also to assure that remote hiring managers are asking the right-and legal-questions."



Conventional, manual hiring processes by their nature create a real control challenge where an organization has multiple, often smaller, operations that are geographically dispersed.  A decentralized remote hiring process that is fragmented, disconnected, and uncontrolled, or one that is so centralized it doesn't allow remote hiring managers to connect with candidates on a local and "personal" level, is a recipe for disaster.



As a scalable, automated talent acquisition solution, Acclaim can ensure that all interviews are EEOC compliant, project a consistent corporate brand, evaluate all candidates equally, and provide Human Resources with control and access of the overall hiring process. Local management and hiring managers can customize interviews to account for geographic or office-specific culture issues while ensuring consistency in quality of hire across the organization.