"Why do I have to conduct the same interview over and over? I want to get on to something else; learn something new"

Automated Interviews


"We invest a lot of time and energy conducting in-person-interviews and administering tests-all with mixed results, and after a while it still gets tedious and boring."



Interviews have to be conducted person to person, in person -- Right?



You need only interview the very best finalists, where your experience and wisdom is best invested.  Acclaim's automated interviews guide candidates through a reliable and repeatable process that includes general and job-specific direct questioning, multimedia simulations, video realistic job previews, behavioral interviews, virtual department tours, and so on to provide an assessment that goes beyond education and prior work history. Automated interviews standardize the process and allow Human Resources to focus their attention on higher value-add activities while producing the same consistently good hiring decisions as if the interviews were being done in-person.