Tactical Recruiting Solutions for a Recovering Economy

HRMC Acclaim: Three Components to Tactical Hiring

Whether you now have an ATS full of unreviewed resumes, or have no database of applicants at all, the downturn in the industry has flooded the market with eager applicants for positions ranging from skilled labor to the back office to the C-suite. And while you may not currently be in the position to hire just yet, you are likely to find yourself short on labor and at a competitive disadvantage if you are not "resource ready" once the economy rebounds.  The key is to have a pipeline full of ready-to-hire talent.  If you have not completely shut down your recruiting function this last year or so, then you have an ATS full of resumes that will still need to be vetted. At the same time, however, the economic downturn has left your recruiting function short-handed and ill-prepared to handle the avalanche of resumes.  The "needles" haven't gotten much more numerous, but the "haystacks" have gotten humungous.
The most critical need is to have a solution in place that will enable you to quickly and reliably screen and assess a high volume of candidates in order to identify those with the required skills and proficiencies. All the while, you need to keep these top candidates engaged in the process and informed of your interest until you are in a position to make a job offer. In short, you need to build and maintain relationships with the talent you want-and need-to hire when the time comes.

HRMC Acclaim is a phone and/or web-based solution that fulfills all three needs…Acclaim is the industry's most cost-effective, efficient, and accurate means of putting yourself and your organization in a position to compete and succeed.

1. Handle High Volume with Multi-media Workflow Libraries. Workflow libraries consolidate all the activities that your organization uses to vet candidates-including all stages of the decision-making process-into one seamless, single-session candidate engagement.
Screening and assessment workflows can be tailored to a job or job family-as well as the look and feel of your organization, division, department, or location. Acclaim can also integrate a realistic job preview video or welcome message from the organization, which is designed to articulate the challenges and opportunities of the job to the candidate in a better format than a traditional job description.
Workflow libraries are powered by a web-enabled job analysis system that determines the specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and personality characteristics that make a candidate a good fit-not just for a given position, but also within the context of your company's strategic workforce plan, which is a key determinant in job performance, satisfaction and ultimately, retention.
How It Works Take a high volume hourly hiring scenario, such as the Financial Services industry, specifically full- and part-time bank teller positions or call center service agents. Acclaim can be tailored to engage a candidate via the company's career site. Candidates can apply 24/7 from anywhere with phone and/or Internet access. Using its automated workflow process, via direct questioning Acclaim can pre-screen on minimum qualifications and further qualify using an interview based on realistic Teller/Customer job requirements. Acclaim also leverages simple and complex branching and computer adaptive questioning that mirrors what would normally be a phone screen and subsequent phone interview ascertaining the candidate's competency in work-related areas and moving them in real time further into the process. Behind the scenes Acclaim is evaluating the candidate and continues the multiple hurdle process (to ensure compliance) using tailored modules to identify work experience, skills, competency levels, education history, certifications, references, run instant credit checks, and determine in real time whether the candidate qualifies to be further assessed with optional integrated assessments and job simulations.

2. Identify Top Talent with Assessments and Job Simulations. Assessments and simulations are integrated into the process, not bolted on, allowing candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and apply their skills-the real measure for top performers. Acclaim is flexible and scalable and can easily integrate third-party assessments, as well as solutions that handle other key functions-from background checks to onboarding.
Conventional processes screen out candidates by simply matching their self-reported skills to those listed in the job description. Acclaim guides the "screening in" process by gleaning applicant personality and other relevant applicant data (including an interactive process that is natural and inviting as well as the types of questions that can prompt insights into personality and competency). The result is a complete, 360-degree whole-person applicant snapshot-one that automatically assimilates an applicant's experience, skill set, and behavioral characteristics, and provides a solid indicator of potential performance and success within the organization.

How It Works A position for a regional sales representative is open. Candidate A holds a marketing degree and lists several sales positions in his employment history. Candidate B holds an English degree and has spent her career in education, first as a teacher and later as an administrator. With conventional methods, Candidate B will likely be screened out as an unqualified applicant because she doesn't meet any overt requirements for the job. However, if Candidate B were allowed to proceed to an automated interview and simulated assessment, the employer would discover that she has excellent negotiation, listening, time-management, and people skills-all essential qualities for success in the position. Candidate A, on the other hand, does not rate nearly as high for these skills despite his impressive resume. In effect, conventional processes can lead to hiring decisions that are based on job history rather than ability assessment.

Acclaim also integrates behavioral assessments that have been shown to be predictive of job performance, job satisfaction, commitment, turnover, and career success across a wide variety of positions, organizations, industries, and countries. Such embedded behavioral assessment tools address attitudes, competencies, and skills, revealing both whether a candidate can do the job and how well that person will perform within a particular environment (i.e., culture fit).  Synchronizing the web and phone also gives rise to a plethora of job simulations that allow candidates to show, not just tell, what they can do. 

How It Works Candidates applying for a call center position could be asked to handle a customer complaint via phone using information contained in data entry screens simultaneously delivered to their computer via the Internet. Or, candidates applying for an IT position might be asked to write code via a web simulation.  A machinist applicant might be asked to examine a blueprint and outline the sequence of operations necessary to produce the part.
Acclaim provides a real time rank-ordering of candidates listed from most suited to least suited based on their answers to job-specific questions, assessments, and results of job simulations, rather than only resume content-including a candidate profile containing demographic information, education, work experience, behavioral interview answers, technical skill answers, assessment(s), and simulation(s). It then optionally auto-schedules the most qualified candidates for the next step in the process.

3. Keep Talent Engaged with Timed Release Correspondence. Lack of timely communication with top prospects can make them opt out of the process or accept employment elsewhere. Acclaim enables you to automatically issue e-mails on a timely basis, based on a range of time- or event-based events, where top candidates have been identified but no current opening exists. Acclaim's Timed Release Correspondencesm feature can maintain interest with ongoing communications with minimal effort on your part.
How it Works Two weeks after the initial "intake," a thank-you e-mail is sent; in four weeks the candidate receives an e-mail from the hiring manager and an update on company status; in six weeks a copy of the latest company newsletter is pushed out; by week 10 the candidate receives an update on developments within that department; several weeks later the system sends another personalized e-mail from the HR department inquiring about the candidate's status, news on an important company development, a realistic appraisal of when the company might be hiring, etc. Organizations and hiring managers can easily determine the content of e-mails and set the intervals at which they are sent out.  Applicants you want to "keep warm" are simply assigned to the appropriate correspondence track and the system takes care of the rest - you simply "set it and forget it" - the applicants are effortlessly kept abreast of events and developments at your company, thereby helping to sustain their interest in your company.