How you hire is who you hire.   Each key process in the chain is as critical as the next.   A single underperforming component can lead to a bad hiring decision, a missed opportunity, a short tenure, the loss of lots of time and money.  

EMPTrust and HRMC provide customers with a seamless and complete hiring solution on a single, endlessly configurable platform. EMPTrust has become the best-of-classelectronic I-9,background screening and onboarding tool. Just ask the defense contractors and federal agencies who use their solution when there's zero margin for error in identifying potential security risks. HRMC Acclaim has been the standard in automated candidate interviewing since 1993. Together, we offer:    


Our integrated solution offers comprehensive assessments of a candidate's relevant skills and attitudes, with broad background screening.    


Most systems warehouse data, ours interprets and prompts appropriate actions based on the data. 

Speed and Precision

Each unattended interview whisks the candidate through a completely natural process; each response prompts an appropriate response, efficiently and reliably routing, evaluating and ranking candidates according to pre-set hiring specifications. New hires are welcomed with fast and painless onboarding.


  • Increased engagement via spontaneous sessions conducted over any device.
  • More in-depth, meaningful and revealing candidate interactions - systemically delivering only top candidates.
  • Graceful, efficient onboarding.

The HRMC-EMPTrust best-of-class hiring solution is built on mature, sophisticated technologies that finally enable organizations to go beyond ATS, beyond conventional hiring. Click to schedule a demo to see how we can help improve your hiring outcomes by improving each key phase of the hiring process.