HRMC Acclaim - The Fastest Way To Final Interviews

Designed for top executives, HR professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters, HRMC Acclaim is the fastest method for arriving at the final stage in interviewing. This innovative software is built on a backbone platform that automatically gathers all of the information needed for  the selection process.  Uniquely, unlike any other software in the market, Acclaim is intelligent enough to take appropriate action on the information it gathers, thus moving candidates automatically from their first expression of interest to the scheduling of the most appropriate individual for a final, face-to-face interview.

We provide an integrated process that combines technical, behavioral, and cultural-fit evaluations. Each candidate's data is matched against objectively-determined signs of top performance in order to provide solid indicators of each candidate's potential success within your organization. The Acclaim process rank-orders candidates from most to least suited to identify those who will succeed in the job and flourish in your culture. Automated reports - whether for a specific position, across a department, or even multiple locations - aggregate candidate results and let you tweak the evaluation process as needed.

What do we mean by High-Volume Hiring?  Our Acclaim system helped one client interview, evaluate, and process 3,200 applicants in just 15 minutes. (Give generic case study.)

HRMC Acclaim administers a seamless, single-session, user-driven candidate experience . It streamlines multiple steps - from the initial interview to assessments - and provides closure, as appropriate, for the candidate. Additionally, Acclaim eliminates time-intensive Human Resources activities, such as reading stacks of inappropriate resumes, data entry, or scheduling and coordinating multiple next steps.  This fully-automated process can compress multiple labor-intensive talent acquisition steps, speeding your time-to-hire from a typical 90-day process down to just 90 minutes or less per candidate.

Acclaim's artificial-intelligence (AI) interviews guide candidates through a reliable and repeatable process that includes:

  • General and job-specific direct questioning
  • Multimedia simulations
  • Realistic video job previews
  • Behavioral interviews
  • Virtual department tours
  • And more

This unprecedented program provides an assessment that goes beyond education and prior work history. You only need to interview the very best finalists, where your experience and wisdom is best invested. 

Acclaim was first developed in 1993 and has been maturing ever since.  The system not only asks the questions, but more importantly, evaluates and responds with the next appropriate question, step, or feedback.  It also sorts and stack-ranks candidates based on your criteria to produce a list of the most qualified candidates.  The Acclaim system may not reduce the number of people you interview, but it will provide you with thoroughly vetted applicants, enabling you to choose only the very best.

With automated interviews, the process is standardized, allowing Human Resources professionals to focus their attention on value-added activities while producing the same consistently-dependable hiring decisions as if the interviews were being done in-person.

Conventionally, a hiring manager's time is consumed by the gathering and reviewing of information at each step in the evaluation and workflow process. Then one must make a decision to proceed or suspend, while halting the process before restarting it again and again with each new step.

Our web-based platform doesn't force you to change the way you process applicants, instead it replicates your process while automating the repetitive work and decision-making. Implementation is a snap. Selection accuracy, speed, consistency, and branding improve while cost, time, and risk are reduced.

HRMC Acclaim improves candidate experience in a unified, single session through:

  • Showing video, pictures, and audio
  • Collecting resumes
  • Asking questions in a naturalistic way
  • Administering assessments and simulations
  • Collecting references
  • Completing forms

Acclaim automates applicant-processing tasks through:

  • Reading unqualified resumes
  • Phone screening
  • Conducting preliminary interviews
  • Performing assessments and simulations
  • Determining best qualified applicants
  • Launching background, drug, and criminal checks
  • And assisting with other decisioning that often burdens the HR staff

The HRMC Acclaim system is automatic with no staff intervention, unless you want it. Plus, it is easy for applicants to use, featuring a single, non-stop candidate session that stops appropriately for each prospect, with feedback to the applicant depending on how well they're doing. Acclaim reduces overall costs by vetting, assessing, and rank-ordering candidates. This allows staff to defer their involvement (and associated cost) in the process to only those candidates most likely to be hired, whether it's conducting interviews or performing reference checks.

As a scalable, automated talent acquisition solution, Acclaim can ensure that all interviews are EEOC compliant, project a consistent corporate brand, evaluate all candidates equally, and provide Human Resources with control and access to the overall process.  Local management and hiring managers can customize interviews to account for geographic or office-specific culture issues while ensuring consistency in quality of hire across the organization.

Consistently selecting top performers is the most direct, effective path to improving an organization's overall effectiveness. Acclaim significantly reduces the time necessary to identify and hire the best candidates, giving you the ability to be a more valued business advisor to hiring managers. The system also maximizes the contribution that your existing staff makes without having to ask for additional resources and allows you to spend more time with the people who will be extended offers to assure their acceptance. Recruiting is too important of a function within any organization to be contracted out or outsourced. Once you've outsourced the process you lose control and recognition. Choose Acclaim and choose the fastest route to final interviews.