Calling All Candidates: Smart Automation for High Volume, High Touch Hiring

While no two call/contact centers may be exactly the same, all call centers grapple with the same fundamental problem: maintaining staffing levels and keeping agents engaged.  The high attrition rate exerts constant pressure on HR and hiring managers, as there's a continuous need to fill open positions.  Working as an inbound customer service representative (CSR) has a turnover rate of between 30 and 45 percent.


Smart hiring automation: How brokers can help HR

In years past, it was hard to convince senior executives and managers that artificial intelligence had the sophistication and flexibility to handle anything beyond routine tasks. Today, automation technology is being incorporated to streamline a range of internal business processes and provide increasingly refined business insights. Companies are using it to improve everything from customer relationship management to managing inventory.  In fact, it has advanced well beyond "process" automation to higher-level problem solving and critical thinking, affecting entire categories of jobs, from bank tellers and telemarketers to news writers and radiologists. 


HRMC Acclaim - The Fastest Way To Final Interviews

Designed for top executives, HR professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters, HRMC Acclaim is the fastest method for arriving at the final stage in interviewing.


Do GPAs Even Matter?

GPAs are no longer as reliable of a marker for selecting candidates, since there are multiple outside factors which could affect one's grade, including a job, a prestigious internship, or even grade inflation. Many employers rely on job experience, knowledge within the field, and related skills, rather than a GPA.


How Remote Workers Affect Company Culture

Freelancing is on the rise, and many Millennials, in particular, are choosing this route in order to have more control over their careers. All too often, companies place remote workers on the outskirts of an organization, but with today's technology, that is not only unnecessary, it could be a costly mistake.