" HRMC Acclaim is the glue that holds it all together "

HR System Integrations

While Acclaim is a complete stand-alone platform, HRMC also partners with other companies that can provide services that complement our HR management solutions and further extend the value chain for talent acquisition. Our requirement is that these services be as ethical as we are, and that their HR system architecture will allow full integration so that our systems can "talk" back and forth to each other to simplify and unify the client experience across the entire platform.  We also integrate with other solutions that may already be in use with the client company, such as applicant tracking systems (ATSs).

HRMC Acclaim becomes the "command console" from which all these HR management services are launched, either automatically according to established business rules, or manually.  Results are integrated into each candidate's profile viewable in the Acclaim console.

Candidate Sourcing

Complete integrations with job boards and job board aggregators have been established to help publicize your openings.  Post job openings right from the Acclaim Employer Console.  Not having to require a resume as a first step in the process makes it easier to capture the interest of passive candidates, build relationships through social media, and creatively source talent pools that other employers cannot access - thus you don't have to compete with anyone else.

Assessment and Simulations

The Acclaim platform can host employee assessments and multimedia simulations.  We have integrated with a number of consulting firms and assessment companies so that as applicants move through the initial phases of your selection process, they can be transferred automatically to an "outside" assessment to create a seamless, single-session for the candidate, or candidates can be selected manually and Acclaim will initiate an email invitation to take the employee assessment.  Companies that have their own assessment/simulation content will find the Acclaim platform the perfect solution for web-enabling the content and the scoring if desired.

Background Checks and Drug Screens

Integrations are in place to order applicant background checks, drug screens, and so on.  These can be ordered manually through the Acclaim console or automatically initiated for top candidates.

On Boarding and Tax Incentive Screening

Acclaim offers its own onboarding and tax screening capabilities but also has integrated with a number of other such solutions to accommodate pre-existing relationships and/or form a combination of robust services to streamline your onboarding process for new hires.