HRMC Acclaim. The applause is all yours.

Automated Talent Acquisition Company

From Sourcing to OnBoarding, HRMC's flagship talent acquisition solution Acclaim, provides any company with a comprehensive recruitment lifecycle platform.

HRMC Acclaim expertly manages every area of talent acquisition, from sourcing through hiring, to managing the employee lifecycle and increasing retention. And unlike any other HR technology available today, Acclaim creates a feedback loop that continually refines and improves the hiring process based on what really works in your environment.  Acclaim's automated intelligence removes the multiple starts/stops/restarts and combines all the steps/hurdles of a company's evaluation and hiring process into a single-session multimedia candidate experience. Acclaim's ability to ask job-specific direct questions and change the flow of questioning results in a rank-ordered list of candidates most suited to the particular position so you can review interview, assessment, and resume information starting with the very best prospects first - and that's information that you don't have to spend your own time gathering.

Acclaim's innovative talent acquisition platform seamlessly integrates with your existing technology, maximizing your investments. And if you're not satisfied with your current technology, Acclaim is the comprehensive solution, minimizing repetitive HR administrative functions across the board. Build your applicant tracking system into a more thoughtful, proactive recruiting method. Leverage employee performance data to continually refine and improve the assessment and hiring process.

We know that issues like security, scalability, and meeting EEO requirements are important to you. You'd probably like to tap into the elusive pool of passive candidates. You also want technology that not only grows with your company, but contributes to that growth. These are all facets of what Acclaim does.