A story of disappointment and discouragement, followed by fulfillment and a happy ending.

Please note, no animals or trees were injured or harmed in any way during the making of this story, though a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

Chloe Beagle began a promising teaching career following college graduation. Times were good, and she excelled. She soon married the love of her life, Tyler, himself a recent college graduate, who put his degree in agriculture to good use and returned to work the family farm.

Several years later, Chloe decided to leave teaching and join Tyler on the farm to grow organic crops. The work was hard, but they were happy. However, after the second litter of pups, it became difficult to make ends meet.

Tyler and Chloe decided it would be best if he continued working on the farm while she looked for work in town. While Chloe excelled in college, won "Teacher of the Year" twice, and thought her teaching skills would easily translate to success in the business world, her resume failed to get a response to the hundreds of positions for which she applied. She was frustrated, despondent, and starting to sense the futility. Then she came across a posting for a sales position that was completely different.

Instead of listing the required credentials, it outlined the challenges, the opportunities for professional growth, and a brief job description. The "call to action" was not the usual "send a resume," but offered "an immediate interview" where she'd be assessed on qualities and skills no resume could ever hope to capture or convey.

Chloe clicked on the url listed in the ad, logged in, and was greeted by a picture of the hiring manager with a short welcoming audio message thanking her for her interest, and giving her more information about the opportunity. Chloe was then lead through a refreshingly positive interactive experience that focused on her abilities, competencies, personality, and her other "gifts." The hiring manager learned that she had great listening skills, good time management (keeping track of all those pups was a full-time job you know), bookkeeping skills from managing farm finances and tax returns, marketing skills from preparing newsletters promoting the produce stand they had started (C & T Farms), and a convincing demeanor - just what was needed for success in the job.

Chloe took a video tour of the department that introduced her to key team members. After the 15-minute engagement, she was prompted to schedule a final face-to-face interview. Chloe was offered the job and decided to join this remarkable company that used technology for her convenience and evaluation. She loved what she was doing, fit right in with her coworkers, excelled immediately, and was quickly promoted. Plus, Chloe was able to balance the increasing demands of work and a growing family thanks to her employer's forward-thinking emphasis on job satisfaction and employee loyalty. Chloe and Tyler even had time to pursue their favorite leisure activities as seen in the adjacent photos. Life was great...and the Beagles lived happily ever after.

The End.

Please note, no animals were injured or harmed in any way during the making of this story. (Chloe and Tyler are our CEO and his wife's dogs at home.) However, HRMC cannot be held responsible for the anguish and rejection that Chloe experienced prior to encountering a company using HRMC Acclaim.

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