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Crazy-busy with way too much to do, impossible deadlines and fewer resources? The last thing you want to do is change the status quo; it just creates more work for you and your staff. You may or may not already have an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) where applicants can submit resumes without your help.  Either way, what still takes your time is reviewing the information at each step in your evaluation process and making decisions to proceed or suspend.  This also results in multiple process stops, restarts, and delays for you and your applicants. Our web-based talent acquisition platform doesn't force you to change the way you process applicants, it replicates your process while automating the repetitive work and decisioning. Implementation is a snap.  The learning curve takes an hour or two. Selection accuracy, speed, consistency, and branding improve while cost, time, and risk are reduced. Click the Solutions tab above to find your challenge/opportunity.

Who We Are.

For 33 years, Human Resource Management Center, Inc. (HRMC) has provided talent acquisition solutions, configured to each client, that automate, not just web-enable, your talent acquisition process and ensure consistency across your organization. Our flagship product, HRMC Acclaim, has helped companies of all sizes create enticing candidate experiences - show video, pictures, and audio; collect resumes, ask questions (in a naturalistic way), administer assessments and simulations, collect references, and complete forms all in a unified, single session - while automating applicant processing tasks - reading unqualified resumes, phone screens, preliminary interviews, assessments/simulations, determining best qualified applicants, launching background/drug/criminal checks, and other decisioning - you and your staff are burdened with.

But, I've Never Heard of You!

We don't mind. But we guarantee you've heard of our clients. It's not about us, it's about you.  We're transparent; we take on the identity of the companies we work for.  In the spirit of a true partnership, we put our clients' needs before our own needs for recognition and growth...



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